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Forspoken: How to reach Nowhere and Farcoast Terrace – Guide

It's like playing Destiny again with all the Taken and jumping puzzles.

Farcoast Terrace and Nowhere are two zones in Forspoken. They’re located in the northernmost point of the map, and it can be a hassle to get to them. Here’s our Forspoken guide to help you reach Nowhere and Farcoast Terrace, two far-flung areas with jumping puzzles and secrets.

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Forspoken guide – How to reach Nowhere and Farcoast Terrace secret areas

Skip and Float Spells

Before you could reach Nowhere and Farcoast Terrace in Forspoken, you might need to beat the final boss (at least that’s what I did in my playthrough). Completing the story lets you explore further, akin to a post-campaign romp. Likewise, you’ll receive the Skip spell (i.e., “G” key), which temporarily causes Frey to become incorporeal while gliding around.

Skip lets you cross gaps and avoid damage while it’s active, though it will drain your stamina until you complete its Spellcraft Challenge (i.e., use Skip in battle a certain number of times). Moreover, you might want to grab the Float water spell from the Fount of Blessing in Inner Visoria. It just makes the jumping puzzles easier (more on these later).

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Crosstide Coast and Nearcoast Terrace

Your journey to reach Nowhere and Farcoast Terrace in Forspoken will begin in Crosstide Coast. You can visit this area by way of the Wolfwoods, which is west of Junoon Castle. Alternatively, you can follow the winding cliffside path north of Humble Plain until you arrive at the Visorian Isthmus, which is connected to Crosstide Coast.

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In Crosstide Coast, you’ll notice the river that winds further to the east. Use Glide to skim over the water and you’ll find yourself in Nearcoast Terrace.

In Nearcoast Terrace, there’s a rocky crag in the middle of the river. Climb to the top of that and look at the opposite side. You’ll be able to cross the gap by using Skip. Continue following the path and you’ll be in Farcoast Terrace.

Farcoast Terrace: Gauntlet and Jumping Puzzles

Here’s where things can become challenging: Farcoast Terrace in Forspoken actually has a gauntlet-type run, with several jumping puzzles (I even got reminded of Destiny). You can expect the following:

  • Be reminded that your character will die if she falls down the chasms. While you do get revived, you’ll still lose a chunk of HP, and you might run out of potions.
  • The first area is relatively easy. Just look for the rocks that are jutting out. You can use them to grapple via Zip.
  • As you get to the opposite side, though, things take a turn for the worse. That’s because Nightmares will spawn. In fact, this entire area will be filled with Nightmares chasing you around and shooting you with projectiles.
  • Make your way around the cliff face and you should see wooden ledges. You can’t use parkour to climb the rocks due to their uneven design, but you can use Skip to get further up. Zip may or may not work due to the targeting.
  • When you arrive at the large crag, hightail it to the wooden bridge. Just past that is another cliffside section with numerous spawning Nightmares. As an aside, you can use Zip to grapple a mob to reach higher ledges. It’s risky, but it works.
  • Eventually, you’ll stumble upon a single chest on top of a rock formation. The way is further up, as denoted by lanterns with a dim orange glow.
  • There’s a clearing with a puzzle chest, and beyond that is an open area. Don’t bother with the puzzle chest for now. Just exit the canyon so the Nightmares disappear.

Farcoast Terrace to Nowhere: More jumping puzzles

You’re now in the middle of Farcoast Terrace and one step closer to reaching Nowhere in Forspoken. After exiting the canyon, you’ll find a Cognoscent’s Guild to your left (it has a cloak). The goal, though, is to go to the right. You’ll battle some bird mobs here and see a vast expanse before you:

  • In the first cliffside, look for the glowing rocks below the cliff face. Use Zip here to get boosted upward, then push the controls so Frey is moving closer to the other spire. Press the middle mouse button to see your grapple’s cursor and make sure you can Zip to the spire.
  • The second section is a bit tougher. You can use Skip here, but make sure you’re mostly moving down to the spire so you can land on it. Alternatively, run across and pop Float so you can grapple.
  • To your left, you’ll find a Monument to Love (+healing bonus). Feel free to grapple toward the rocks crisscrossing the spire until you reach the top.
  • Conversely, you could opt to tag the Refuge/fast travel point first in case you’re low on HP/potions. As usual, you’ll use your grapple move here, as well as Float/Skip.

Congratulations! You’ve reached the Nowhere secret area in Forspoken. Past this point is an arena with bony protrusions (seen in the featured image). There, you can battle the Apsaravis secret boss.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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