Forspoken: All Tanta’s Familiar Cat locations guide

Forspoken All Tanta's Familiar Cat Locations Guide Cat Person Achievement
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Tanta’s Familiar monuments dot the landscape of Forspoken. These points-of-interest lead to some really awesome scenes because you’ll end up meeting a bunch of cute cats. Here’s our Forspoken Tanta’s Familiar Cat locations guide to help you find all the magic felines for the “Cat Person” achievement.

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Forspoken all Tanta’s Familiar Cat locations guide – Cat Person achievement

Catching Tanta’s Familiar Cats

The Tanta’s Familiar locations in Forspoken are altars with a cat statue, and they’re also symbolized by a paw on the world map. Once you get close to one, you’ll be able to interact with it, which causes a magical furball to spawn.

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The creature will teleport to a clearing or field, and you’ll have to go near it. A prompt will tell you to hold the right mouse button, which causes Frey to enter stealth mode. As you approach, the cat will stand on its legs (with matching exclamation point), implying that it’s wary of your presence.

When this occurs, lightly tap the “W” key and continue to crouch-walk slowly, all while watching out in case it gets startled again. It’s a bit like a “statue dance” minigame. If you do it right, another prompt will appear, and you’ll be able to press the left mouse button to pet it. Conversely, if you fail, the cat will disappear. Don’t worry, though, because you can interact with the monument to restart the activity.

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Successfully petting a Tanta’s Familiar cat in Forspoken allows the creature to visit you in any Refuge fast travel point. As there are 20 of them, you’re gonna have to explore every region.

Likewise, do note that it’s better to progress further in the campaign before you start looking for all the cats. The bosses you hunt down and defeat open up new regions, as well as provide you with spells that help with traversal (i.e., Zip grapple and Glide surfboard). These make it easier for you reach certain spots that would otherwise be inaccessible.

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Junoon Tanta’s Familiar Cat Locations

Junoon is where Frey arrives at the start of your journey. However, it also has really nasty enemies, and you won’t be able to enter a few areas without the right traversal spells.

  • Cipallian Way #1: Inside the castle grounds.
  • Cipallian Way #2: North of the town.
  • The Blossomwoods: Near the Refuge fast travel point.
  • Wolfswood: All the way to the west. You’ll need to use Glide to cross the lake.

Cipal Tanta’s Familiar Cat Locations

  • Sacred Peaks: Cipal only has one Tanta’s Familiar cat monument in Forspoken. It’s in the northern edge of the zone.
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Praenost Tanta’s Familiar Cat Locations

  • Dianthus Wood: Next to the Belfry.
  • Brass Hollow: Further to the southeast portion of the zone.
  • Middle Praenost: Next to the Belfry.
  • Opal Hills: On top of the crags west of the Belfry.
  • Fields of the Fallen: All the way at the southernmost tip of the zone.

Avoalet Tanta’s Familiar Cat Locations

  • Water Garden #1: In the valley that leads back to the Blessed Plains. It’s east of the Belfry and Refuge teleporters.
  • Water Garden #2: Further to the south just before the bridge that connects to the Fountainfields zone.
  • Untrodden Forest: East of the Refuge.
  • Golden Fields: Along the crags just south of the Belfry.
  • The Moulderings: You need to use Glide to cross the lake heading east just to reach the Moulderings zone. Go to the northeast section for this Tanta’s Familiar cat monument in Forspoken.

Visoria Tanta’s Familiar Cat Locations

  • The Windy Hills: Found along the edge of the cliffs in the southeast.
  • Tanta’s Demesne: This is in the castle town.
  • Homestead Hills: To reach Homestead Hills, you have to take the southern exit in the castle town’s courtyard. Follow the fields to the south to arrive at this zone. Then, explore the valley leading to the northwest.
  • Academy Hills: Found just north of the Belfry.
  • Inner Visoria: From the Belfry, follow the mountainside loop to the south. This is in a clearing alongside a Photo Spot and Flashback Challenge.

In any case, once you’ve petted all the Tanta’s Familiar cats in Forspoken, you’ll receive the “Cat Person” trophy. And, speaking of the fabulous felines, don’t forget to do the Chasing the Cat sidequests in Cipal to earn a special currency.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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