A new video from Epic answering questions about Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode confirms that leaderboards and stats are planned for November. They also talk about voice chat, first-person camera, and weapon accuracy.

    Epic are very aware of the demand for leaderboards and associated stats in Fortnite’s Battle Royale, and say they’re going to be implementing those things as quickly as possible. A method of voice chat is also noted as a high priority (indeed, a requirement before they consider Squads to be “done”). For now though, they’re recommending people keep using third-party options like Discord.

    There are no plans for a first-person camera. Epic feel it doesn’t fit the “style” of Fortnite, but leave the door open for looking into it later. The third/first person camera combo is, of course, one of the things that distinguishes PUBG, so perhaps Epic don’t want to draw further accusations there.

    The video touches on weapon accuracy too. Changes here sound as if they will take longer, because although it’s (again) noted as a “high priority,” the devs make it clear that the details have to be right before they roll out new accuracy models. More details are promised in the next week or so, however.

    Finally, they discuss cheaters. Sounds like a hard line is going to be taken here. Cheaters will be “permanently banned” across all of Epic’s games, and the studio say they will go to “great lengths” to maintain the integrity of competition in their titles. They avoid specifics here, but say that’s to prevent cheaters getting ideas on how to circumnavigate the methods of prevention.

    The video (below) ends with a round-up of what’s already been mentioned (leaderboards, stats, and so on), and also confirms that the future will bring more cosmetic items. ‘Duos’ and other balance adjustments can be expected at some future date too.

    Peter Parrish

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