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Fortnite Season 7 has not been short of in-game rewards and cosmetics. The battle pass is filled with alien-themed cosmetics, as well as some crossovers. Also, the Rift Tour gave players the chance to unlock more rewards through in-game challenges. Now, Epic Games has launched an event that focuses on playing with your friends. Participating in the Fortnite Best Friendzy event will allow you to get your hands on some free rewards.

There are a total of four Fortnite cosmetics that you can earn throughout the Best Friendzy Event. Once you collect three points, you will be granted the Outer Space Handshake emoticon. Reaching ten points will reward you with the Invasion Remix track, and 20 points the Life’s a Beach weapon wrap. Finally, the Aquari-Axe pickaxe can be earned at 50 points.


How to earn the Best Friendzy rewards in Fortnite

Before you start earning, you must link your Epic Games account by visiting the Best Friendzy website. This will allow your progress to be tracked as you earn points. For every ten minutes you play with someone on your Fortnite friends list, you will earn one point. Similarly, every ten minutes you play in creative together, you will earn one point, with a maximum of six points per day. In addition, during a chosen 60 minute bonus period, you will earn a three times points multiplier for the amount of time spent playing.

It is important to note that your friends do not have to link their account with the Best Friendzy website for you to earn points. Instead, it is a useful tool to be able to track your own progress. Moreover, you do not have to play with the same friend every time to be able to rack up points.

You will be able to start earning the Best Friendzy rewards in Fortnite from August 31 through September 12.

Fortnite Best Friendzy Rewards

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