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Since the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, fans of the battle royale have been enjoying exotic weapons. Players have been reunited with familiar exotic weapons such as the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle. Now it appears that another familiar weapon will make a return. To fit in with the Christmas theme, you will be able to access the Big Chill Grenade launcher exotic weapon in Fortnite. The weapon launches some icy cold grenades at the enemy, while dealing a high amount of damage. Following suit with other exotic weapons, you have to visit the correct NPC.

To get the Fortnite Big Chill exotic weapon, you have to visit the snowy mountains. You will find the Snowmando NPC in the southeast segment of the map, close to Catty Corner. Upon arrival, you will notice a vivid snow cone truck which you need to head towards to find the NPC. Once you speak to the NPC, you will have the opportunity to purchase the exotic weapon.

However, it is important to note that the Big Chill exotic weapon is actually more expensive than other exotic weapons. It will cost you a hefty 1,455 gold bars in total. As you progress through the game, you will be able to collect more gold bars to spend though. Perhaps you may find getting bounty kills as an easy way to earn some gold bars. Also, you can get gold bars from chests, tills, searching safes, and much more. You can learn the best ways to do all of these things by using our guides, which are located here.

Is the Big Chill exotic weapon worth its price tag?

Some players may consider it to be a worthwhile investment, as it is a versatile weapon. You can use it at all ranges to quickly kill enemies, destroy their builds, or destroy any buildings they may be hiding in. There is no doubt that this exotic weapon will be able to dominate enemies. Epic Games could add more exotic weapons as the season progresses.

Fortnite Big Chill Exotic Weapon

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