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As the water levels continue to fall on the Fortnite map, old and new locations are being revealed. For this week’s challenge, Fortnite has players returning to Camp Cod. You may remember that Camp Cod was home to the Visitor, a survivor from Chapter 1. However, players can now return to gain XP from lighting the three camp fires at the location. Most Fortnite fans should be familiar with campfires by now, as they restore player health when lit. Stoking the campfires accelerates the healing effect, at the cost of wood. Finding them at Camp Cod is easy enough.

If you have not visited Camp Cod, it’s important to know that it is an unnamed location. It is located on an island on the south side of the map, further south of Catty Corner and south east of Misty Meadows. To complete the challenge, you are required to collect 90 wood in total, as 30 wood is required to stoke each camp fire. There are plenty of trees located on the island itself, meaning it should not be difficult to collect the required materials.

Fortnite Camp Cod challenge Location

Taking on the Fortnite Camp Cod challenge

The first camp fire location on the island is right in the middle of the island itself. It is located near an actual campsite, near a tent and chairs. Next, there is a camp site at the north east of the island, close to the water. Finally, the last camp fire location is near the fence of the junkyard.

Fortnite Camp Cod challenge camp fire

As this is a new challenge, you may encounter other players trying to complete it. If you prefer, you can land at a nearby location and equip yourself with weapons first. However, if you do die, you can complete this challenge across multiple matches. With the reward being a whopping 35,000 XP, it’s definitely worth it.

As the water levels continue to drop, it will be interesting to see what other locations are revealed. Also, what new challenges will come with them. We’ve already seen multiple other hidden challenges such as the coral buddies building challenge, the coral buddies rocket ship, the space ship, and the balls of yarn. Check back to see what comes next.

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