Fortnite is kicking off its first birthday celebration with some awesome in-game events and prizes for the many dedicated players Basically, players are tasked with finding birthday cake throughout the world and you will earn special cosmetics or skins by completing challenges and quests in-game.

    Playground mode makes its return and in a bigger and better way. You can challenge your friends to a duel and build some pretty neat structures on your own private island.  Players will also be able to wield the new legendary weapon in Battle Royale, the Compact SMG.

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    Also important to note is that the  Save the World storyline continues in the Canny Valley campaign mode. You will be able to do this in-game and complete the Fortnite Birthday questline to unlock a special birthday reward! (very neat). Below are some details from the Fortnite website.

    Birthday Event

    • You can now find birthday cakes placed around the map with consumable slices next to them. Enjoy those tasty treats!
      • Cake slices give +5 health and +5 shield instantly when consumed.
    • Complete three birthday event challenges to unlock a new emote, spray, and Backbling.
    • The Battlebus and Supply Drops have been decorated to celebrate #Fortnite1st.

    In addition to this, several other features were added, including new default keybindings, a change to countdown timers, as well as a few bug fixes. You can read the full extent of these through the above link.

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    So. Fortnite fans will you be participating and checking this out? It sounds like a great in-game way to celebrate the incredible first year of this remarkable game by Epic Games.

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