Fortnite Chapter 2 launch trailer drops, officially this time


Fortnite is back and order is restored to the gaming world. After 35 hours of staring into the abyss, players can finally get back on the bus and drop into the new world. After watching the new Fortnite Chapter 2 launch trailer that is.

A new dawn for Fortnite

The end of Season X of Fortnite was a PR masterclass that got everyone talking about the game. The game’s Twitch channel had over 30,000 people watching day and night. After such a well-orchestrated stunt, it seems odd to unceremoniously unveil a Chapter 2 launch trailer and bring the game back online. But that’s what happened. Maybe the leaked trailer caused them to rush; maybe they never had a plan. At least you can play the game again. And here’s what it’s got in store for you.

The official Fortnite Chapter 2 trailer confirms a bunch of things we saw in the leaked trailer. There’s a whole load of new water gameplay, including swimming, fishing, and motorboats. It turns out fishing isn’t just a way to take a break from battling, but rather another way to acquire loot. Legendary loot even. But the question remains — how vulnerable are you going to be while trying to get a bite?

In Chapter 2 you’ll also be able to pick up and carry fallen teammates to safety. On top of that, there’s now a Bandage Bazooka for healing your squad, and you can use the new group emotes to celebrate together.

Hiding or head on

Stealth gameplay is a thing now. In the leaked trailer we saw a player jumping out of a dumpster, and in the launch trailer we see a player jumping out of a haystack. At the start of the trailer, we see one of the characters looking at a tracker before waving his squad forward. A tracking item may be introduced into the game to counter this kind of ninja gameplay. We hope so.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Stealth Gameplay

Peekaboo, I kill you.

If you’re less into hiding and more into making things go boom, then you’ll be pleased to know that gas tanks and explosive barrels can now be blown up. That’s a nice surprise that wasn’t in the Chapter 2 launch trailer. It will certainly make for some exciting new encounters.

There’s also a new Battle Pass, but we knew this from the leaked Battle Pass trailer. The emphasis on this pass is “more fun, less grind.” So, they’ve introduced more ways to level up and earn XP and medals. There are seven new outfits you can earn and each one has an alter ego, so you can play the role of the hero or the villain. There are also new wraps for weapons, new gliders, and a range of adventurer backpacks and axes. Additionally, the official site confirms the pogo sticks are just an emote and not a mount you can summon.

It really is a whole new world, with 13 new locations to drop into and explore on the new Fortnite island.

Fortnite Chapter 2 New Map Layout

The new world.

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