How to collect treasure using Drake’s map and complete the Fortnite challenge

Fortnite Drakes Map challenge

Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 has seen a range of new content debut for players to enjoy. New points of interest to explore and new health items, such as Shield Kegs, have been added. Also, some content has made a return this season, such as Primal Bows. Another feature that is back on the island is the treasure map. The map has been renamed to Drake’s Map to fit in with the Uncharted crossover that is well underway. A new set of weekly challenges has also arrived in Fortnite, and you are tasked with collecting treasure using Drake’s Map.

Once you have found and picked up a treasure map, using it is quite straightforward. Equipping it results in a dotted line appearing on your screen. Following the dotted line then leads you to where the treasure is buried. When you have arrived at the correct location, you will be greeted by a golden glow coming from the ground. Just hit the glowing light with your pickaxe to dig up the treasure chest full of goodies.


Tips to find Drake’s map in Fortnite

Drake’s Map is a legendary item, making it a bit harder to find, especially if luck is not on your side. You can find the map as floor loot or by opening chests and supply drops. If you are struggling to find it, you may want to grab a vehicle so you can quickly search more areas of the map. In addition, the challenge can be completed in Team Rumble. As this is a respawn mode, you will have more than just the one chance to get your hands on Drake’s Map.

As soon as you complete the challenge, you will be granted 25,000 XP towards leveling up your battle pass. You’ll also find some powerful loot in your inventory from opening the treasure chest.

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