Fortnite Plane Black Box

Where to find the Fortnite crashed plane’s black box

Add 20,000 XP to your battle pass.
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A fresh week means a fresh set of challenges for Fortnite fans to enjoy. The majority of the Season 5, Week 9 challenges are quite self-explanatory and easy to complete. However, challenges that require you to visit a specific location can prove to be a bit more tricky. One of the Fortnite challenges requires you to locate a crashed plane’s black box. In real life, black boxes are used on airplanes to record and store data which can provide crucial information in air accidents. Ultimately, this has led some players to speculate that this could be tied to an upcoming narrative in Fortnite.

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To find the crashed plane and the black box, you need to go to the island directly east of the Coral Castle point of interest. Upon arrival, you will notice that the plane is split into three parts. The black box is located near the middle section of the plane. Usually, this is not an overly populated area. However, the challenge means that it is likely to be overrun with other players trying to complete the challenge. Luckily, you should expect to find some loot in, or around the plane. Once you have found the black box, all you have to do is interact with it.


Is there a meaning behind the plane’s black box in Fortnite?

Upon completion, you will earn a total of 20,000 XP which will give you a good boost to your battle pass. Fortnite has already seen many successful crossovers. Last week, the arrival of Predator into the battle royale introduced some unique challenges. Those challenges included unlocking the Predator skin on the battle pass, and finding Predator’s apartment.  In addition, there are rumors circulating that Lara Croft could be the next character to make an appearance in the game. It will be interesting to see how Fortnite continues to progress in the future.

Fortnite Black Box

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