Plenty of updates from both sides of the Fortnite universe have been released by Epic today. There’s a new ‘Dev Update’ video covering developments in Battle Royale (below), and a whole new blog post about the future of Save the World (PvE).

Starting with the Battle Royale changes, the new Fortnite video confirms that the drop rate of the new ‘bush’ stealth consumable is going to be reduced. It also takes a brief look at the newly included launch pad and glider combo in the game. While on the subject of novelty traversal techniques, Epic say that the emergent rocket riding and grenade riding will stay in the game. Unless any specific gamebreaking issues are found, the studio want to support it.

On a less enjoyable note, they say they’re still working towards a better way to deal with players who are maliciously team-killing others. For now, the only option is to keep reporting those people.

Next week, Fortnite will be getting a silenced SMG and a balance pass (improved damage, magazine size) on basic SMGs. In the near future, Epic will be setting up a separate Public Test Server for Battle Royale. The first focus of that server will be improving combat and weapon ‘feel’. More news on that will be coming shortly, apparently.

The PvE ‘Save the World’ side of things has a long list of forthcoming changes too. This includes the much requested “ability to evolve heroes into greater rarities” (due in December), and the ability to access your inventory from everywhere (also coming in December). Mini-bosses and specific improvements to Survival mode (“the ability to vote skip days”) are on the way too. Guess when. Yes, December.

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