Fortnite chapter 2 season 5 zero point finale

A new week means new challenges introduced into Fortnite. So far, fans of the battle royale have been exploring what new content Chapter 2 Season 5 has to offer. Included, is the addition of gold bars which can be earned by completing bounties. The bars can then be spent on things like exotic weapons, for example. Completing challenges also gives you some valuable XP that goes towards battle pass rewards. One Fortnite challenge that you may be finding tricky to complete is finding the car parts hidden around the map. There are a total of three car parts for you to find. Thankfully, the challenge is made a little easier by the fact that the car parts are located relatively close to each other.



Getting started

To begin, two of the three parts are located at an unnamed junkyard, just outside of Dirty Docks. The first part is next to a small stack of cars, located near the fence. To claim the car part, all you have to do is use the prompt to interact with it.

Fortnite Car Parts challenge


Next, you can find another car part by making your way to the opposite side of the Compact Cars junkyard. You will spot another car part against the brick wall and you interact with it in the same way.

Fortnite Car Parts Challenge

To collect the third and final part, you need to pay a visit to Dirty Docks. If you are familiar with the area, you will know that there are various colored storage containers. The last car part is hidden inside a gray container, with one door which is barely open.

Fortnite Car Parts Challenge

Fortnite car parts challenge, check

Once you grab the final car part, the Fortnite challenge will be marked as complete and you will earn 20,000 XP. When you are hunting down the parts, you may find other players trying to do the same. Luckily, both the Compact Cars junkyard and Dirty Docks have plenty of loot for you to pick up. As you progress through the challenges, you will be one step closer to reaching level 100.

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