Fortnite guide NPC character locations season 5

Fortnite guide: All Season 5 NPC locations and the unique Quests they each offer

Gotta find 'em all.
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Epic Games has introduced some sweeping changes to the Fortnite gameplay formula with the introduction of NPC character locations, Bounties, and Quests for Season 5. Based on the theme of bounty hunting, players are required to obtain Bounties from various sources around the map such as NPCs. Seeing as the map is quite large, there’s an equally large population of characters you can find to facilitate your new occupation. And while Bounties are fun ways to influence playstyles, the more important aspect about them is that they yield a reward currency. This comes in the form of golden bars, which can be used in many ways such as allowing you to buy exotic weapons during matches.

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However, Bounties can be dangerous, as enemy players are often not amateurs. Epic has you covered though if you’re not looking to sweat your very hardest in every single match of Fortnite. Aside from Bounties, NPC characters offer Quests which you can acquire by visiting them at their spawn locations during Season 5 in Fortnite. Quests are great, because they offer the same gold bar reward currency with far less risk and significantly less effort depending on the specific Quest. You won’t earn as many gold bars from a single Quest as you will from a Bounty, but you can earn more currency overall if you’re efficient at completing multiple Quests per match.


There’s a lot to wrap your head around

Bounties are all the same, but Quest objectives are quite diverse. While the variety makes them more fun to discover and complete, it can equally be more confusing and frustrating at first. This is because the 40 different NPC characters can move around the map and potentially offer different Quests in each match. Therefore, we’ve collected all of the Quests that we could find thus far in this guide in addition to all of the locations where you can potentially find the NPC characters on the map in Fortnite.

As you discover each of these NPCs, you will also be able to refer to the Collections tab in the game menu to learn more about them as well as where to find them again. The NPC characters will be marked by a gold star in the menu after you discover them in all of their locations. Fortnite also updates you on your progress of finding their different hangout spots.

We’ve also discovered a few technical points related to Quests. For instance, you can take on multiple quests from multiple NPCs at once, but usually just one Quest at a time from a specific NPC. Some Quests need to be completed in the same match, but others are tied to time limits. You will often have an hour to finish these Quests. If you get really easy Quests though, you can return to the same NPC to gain new ones if they were available among your options when you first approached the NPC during the match. There were a few instances where I was able to complete three Quests and earn 100+ bars from a single NPC in a single match by focusing on their Quests. Everything is randomized though, so don’t consider this a guarantee.

Fortnite Season 5 Npc Map Web 2

All of the Season 5 NPCs, their locations, and Quests

Below are all of the NPCs listed in the order they appear in the Collections menu. You can read about where to find each of these NPC characters in their potential spawn locations as well as learn more about the specific Quests they offer in Fortnite. We’ve also added specific details about how to complete the different Quests, as many of them are not obvious at first. You can also refer to the map above for a general overview of where the find these numbered NPCs.

Fortnite Season 5 Alexa

01. Lexa — Always found at Hunter’s Haven. There is a two-story building on the west side of Hunter’s Haven. Lexa is setup there.

  • No Quests

Fortnite Reese

02. Reese — Always found at Dirty Docks. Reese can be found inside a large warehouse on the west end of Dirty Docks by the ocean.

  • Elimination with a legendary weapon
  • Elimination with common weapons
  • Deal damage
  • Search an ammo box
  • Upgrade a weapon

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Menace

03. Menace — Always found at Colossal Coliseum. This champion is always down in the gladiator pit.

  • Reach 100 health and shields
  • Pickaxe elimination
  • Survive Storm phases (x3)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Mancake

04. Mancake — Always found at the Butter Barn. This restaurant is south and slightly east of the Zero Point at the center of the map. Mancake is inside.

  • Collect different weapon types (x3)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Mave

05. Mave — Always found at Shipwreck Cove. Mave’s hunting ground is just east of the inlet at the cove. She is near the zipline.

  • Go for a swim (swim in water)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide kondor

06. Kondor — Always found at Misty Meadows. Kondor walks the streets on the west side. He’s easy to find.

  • No Quests

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Mandalorian

07. The Mandalorian — Always found at the crash site of the Razor Crest. This location is in the desert southeast of the Colossal Coliseum, just near the river. Mando will attack on sight.

  • *Drops exotic loot*

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide The Reaper

08. The Reaper — Always found at the Boost Pad. This building is on the western shore of the map, roughly and equal distance from Sweaty Sands and Holly Hedges. The Reaper is easy to find on the main floor inside the building.

  • Headshot damage (x150)
  • Eliminations (x3)
  • Complete a Bounty

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Brutus

09. Brutus — Always found in Dirty Docks. Head to the southernmost building at the Dirty Docks named location and you will find Brutus up to something.

  • Collect metal (x250)
  • Upgrade a weapon
  • Fish a weapon out of the water at Dirty Docks

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Deadfire

10. Deadfire — Always found at the Sheriff’s Office. This unremarkable building is located between the Zero Point and the Colossal Coliseum. Deadfire is inside.

  • Pistol elimination
  • Pistol damage (x100)
  • Pistol damage with common or uncommon types

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Triggerfish

11. Triggerfish — Always found at Crashed Cargo. This location is just north of where you can find The Reaper. It’s a non-descript stretch of sandy coastline with shipping containers scattered about. Check the beach area directly west of Sweaty Sands to find Triggerfish prowling about.

  • Collect a fishing rod and harpoon gun
  • SMG damage (x100)
  • SMG elimination
  • Destroy Fishstick restaurant decorations

Fortnite Bullseye Bounty

12. Bullseye — Always found at Steamy Stacks. Bullseye patrols Steamy Stacks near the silos. She’s out in the open.

  • Assault rifle damage (x100)
  • Assault rifle elimination

Fortnite Season 5 Bandolier

13. Bandolier — Always found near Flushed Building. The building is south and slightly east of Slurpy Swamp. This location refers to the new Flush Factory building by the sea. Bandolier is just north of this location though, in an abandoned building situated in the east side of the swamp.

  • Shotgun elimination

Fortnite Season 5 Longshot

14. Longshot — Always found near Misty Meadows. Longshot overlooks Misty Meadows from his perch on top of the large hill to the west of the named location.

  • Sniper rifle elimination
  • Sniper rifle damage

Fortnite Splode

15. Splode — Always found at Unremarkable Shack. This building is located on the west side of the island northeast of Stealthy Stronghold.

  • Explosive weapon elimination
  • Damage player structures (x200)

Fortnite Season 5 Guide Blaze

16. Blaze — Found at Pristine Point or Timber Tent. Pristine Point is located northwest of Steamy Stacks and is populated by three houses which overlook the ocean. Timber Tent sits on a small hill and is the landmark which overlooks the small pond south of Sweaty Sands.

  • Collect fireflies (x1)
  • Use a campfire
  • Ignite structures with fire (x10)

Fortnite Remedy

17. Remedy — Found at Craggy Cliffs or Hilltop House. To find Remedy at Craggy Cliffs, go to the southeast building and she will be waiting inside. The Hilltop House is the standalone home located on the top of the hill between Stealthy Stronghold, Craggy Cliffs, and Pleasant Park.

  • Throw bandages or medkits near another player
  • Use bandages or medkits (x3)
  • Revive a teammate

Fortnite Season 5 Guide Big Chuggus

18. Big Chuggus — Found at Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town. Chuggus is located in a central warehouse building of the Slurpy Swamp complex where slurp barrels are stored. Shanty Town is the small settlement far west of Slurpy Swamp.

  • Destroy slurp barrels (x3)
  • Heal another player with chug splashes
  • Heal using slurp-related items/mechanics (50 points of health/shields)

Fortnite Season 5 Kyle Guide

19. Kyle — Found at Weeping Woods or Lumber Lodge. Look near the RV parking on the southeast side of Weeping Woods. Lumber Lodge is located at the southcentral part of the map, south of the dance club.

  • Harvest wood (x200)
  • Harvest building materials (x200)

Fortnite Season 5 Cole

20. Cole — Found near Shipwreck Cove or Retail Row. Shipwreck Cove borders the ocean in the southeast corner of the map. Cole is in the lodge just northeast of the cove. He can also be found at the campsite on the mountain north of Retail Row.

  • Harvest building materials (x200)
  • Harvest stone (x200)
  • Harvest metal (x200)
  • Build stone structures
  • Collect stone from structures
  • Destroy Stones (x10)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Ragnarok

21. Ragnarok — Always found at the Viking Vessel. This building is west of Holly Hedges and easy to identify.

  • Melee damage to structures
  • Search chests (x3)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Bushranger

22. Bushranger — Found at Rapid’s Rest, Salty Towers, or East of the Orchard. Rapid’s Rest is the creek located just east of Lazy Lake. Bushranger can be found just west of Salty Towers among three trees on a hill. This is right where the desert terrain meets the grass. East of the Orchard is the small hilltop site east of the Apple Orchard. There is a cluster of trees and a small shack sitting on top of the hill. It overlooks a stream.

  • Consume a banana
  • Consume a mushroom
  • Use a campfire
  • Consume foraged items (x3)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Dummy

23. Dummy — Found north of Pleasant Park or at Compact Cars. Dummy can be found just north of Pleasant Park before reaching the Durrr Burger food truck. Compact Cars is located between Colossal Coliseum and Dirty Docks, just east of the river.

  • Use a zipline
  • Catch air in a vehicle
  • Bring a car to Compact Cars

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Sparkplug

24. Sparkplug — Found at the Weeping Woods gas station, Lazy Lake, or gas station south of Hydro 16. The Weeping Woods gas station is located far southwest of the named location and is situated off of the highway. Sometimes Sparkplug will wander in the woods. Sparkplug can be found at the Lazy Lake gas station as well. Hydro 16 is just another gas station, which can be found along the highway south of the Loot Lake dam.

  • Fuel up a vehicle
  • Collect stone (x200)
  • Damage to vehicles with a player inside

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide

25. Burnout — Found at racing checkpoints near Sweaty Sands, FN Radio, or Steamy Stacks. Burnout hangs out on the highway, just west of Sweaty Sands. FN Radio is the radio tower on top of the mountain east of Craggy Cliffs. Burnout is located between these two locations on the highway overlooking Craggy Cliffs. Just south of Steamy Stacks, there’s another racing checkpoint on the highway.

  • Destroy stop signs (x3)
  • Collect a gas can

Fortnite Turk

26. Turk — Found at Lake Canoe, Lazy Lake Island, or Steamy Stacks. The Lazy Lake Island is the larger, western island with the house on it that is southwest of the actual Lazy Lake named location. Turk is at the northern fishing dock. Lake Canoe is the small fishing spot on top of the mountain between Dirty Docks and Retail Row, but also slightly west. Turk hangs out at the island in the middle of Lake Canoe. There’s also a river that runs into the ocean south of Steamy Stacks, and Turk fishes alongside it.

  • Catch fish (x3)
  • Fish at fishing holes (x5)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Outcast

27. Outcast — Found at Sweaty Sands or Flopper Pond. Outcast is easy to find at the end of the pier in Sweaty Sands. She also hangs out at the Flopper Pond between Holly Hedges and Salty Towers.

  • Catch fish (x3)
  • Fish at fishing holes (x5)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Rapscallion

28. Rapscallion — Found at Holly Hedges or Lazy Lake. Rapscallion loiters near a small utility building at the southwest corner of Holly Hedges. You can also find her snooping about in the houses on the north side of Lazy Lake.

  • Search chests (x3)
  • Search a supply drop

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Sleuth

29. Sleuth — Found at Sweaty Sands or Retail Row. Sleuth moves around the central complex of buildings at Sweaty Sands. He also operates out of a small office at the northeast end of Retail Row.

  • Shakedown an opponent

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide Grumbles

30. Grimbles — Always found at Fort Crumpet. This location is northwest of Sweaty Sands on top of a hill. Grimbles hangs out in the central tower.

  • Destroy slurp barrels (x3)
  • Search chests (x3)

Fortnite NPC character locations quests guide

31. Sunflower — Always found at The Orchard. This location if far north and slightly east of the Colossal Coliseum. Sunflower hangs around the big red barn near the center of The Orchard.

  • Hide in a hay pile
  • Destroy a hay bale
  • Collect foraged items at The Orchard (x3)

Fortnite Npc Character Locations Quests Steel

32. Farmer Steel — Always found at Steel Farm. This farm is northeast of the Colossal Coliseum on the island that the river splits around.

  • Collect Corn at Steel’s Farm (x3)
  • Deal damage to structures at The Orchard (x4)
  • Visit the Gladiator’s Arena

Fortnite Doggo Skin

33. Doggo — Found at Pleasant Park or Retail Row. Look for the house with the fenced in yard containing multiple dog houses in the northeast side of Pleasant Park. For Retail Row, look for the house with the basketball court next to it. Doggo is inside.

  • Ring a doorbell until it breaks
  • Stick your head out the window of a vehicle while riding in it

Fortnite Season 5 Guide

34. Kit — Always found at Catty Corner. Kit moseys about the scrapyard on the north end.

  • Destroy sinks and bathtubs (x3)
  • Harvest metal (x200)

Fortnite Season 5 Beef Boss

35. Beef Boss — Found at Durrr Burger or Durrr Burger food truck. Durrr Burger is located where the Lumber Mill used to be. It’s roughly halfway between Holly Hedges and Slurpy Swamp. Beef Boss will welcome you inside the restaurant. Durrr Burger food truck is just east of Stealthy Stronghold and directly north of Pleasant Park. Beef Boss hangs out near the pavilion.

  • Catch small fries (x3 common fish)
  • Restore shields (restore 50 points)

Fortnite Season 5 Guide Tomato Head

36. Tomato Head — Found at Pizza Pete’s food truck or The Pizza Pit restaurant. Pizza Pete’s food truck is located right off the bend in the highway, directly east of the new Flush Factory building. Look near the bottom of the highway loop at the south side of the map. The Pizza Pit restaurant is just south of The Orchard, or slightly north of Colossal Coliseum, right were the desert ends. Tomato Head is waiting to take your order.

  • Restore health (x100)

Fortnite Season 5 Bunker Jonesy

37. Bunker Jonesy — Found at Camp Cod or Shipwreck Cove. Camp Cod is the large island located at the south end of the map, southeast of Misty Meadows. Bunker Jonesy hides out in the building at the southwest side of the island. Shipwreck Cove is the small ocean inlet on the southeast side of the island. Bunker Jonesy can be found in the cabin west of the inlet.

  • Visit Lockie’s Lighthouse
  • Reveal nearby Bigfoot (this seems like more of an Easter egg)

Bigfoot Fortnite Season 5

38. Bigfoot — Found in remote locations around the map. You can find Bigfoot in the far northwest side of Weeping Woods, the tiny island north of Steamy Stacks, the Hawaiian-style island west of Coral Castle, the edge of the island south of Pizza Pete’s food truck, southwest of Bunker Jonesy’s Shipwreck Cove spawn, or northeast of Bunker Jonesy’s Shipwreck Cove spawn.

  • No Quests

Fortnite Season 5 Guide Ruckus

39. Ruckus — Always found at Hydro 16. This location is the building below the dam for Lazy Lake. Ruckus is causing trouble inside. He will attack on sight.

  • *Drops high-level loot*

Fortnite Season 5 Fishstick

40. Fishstick — Found at Craggy Cliffs or Coral Castle. Fishstick will take your order at the large restaurant on the waterfront at Craggy Cliffs. He also meanders around the shores of Coral Castle. Look for him near the central point of that named location.

  • Use a harpoon gun on an enemy
  • Drive a boat
  • Destroy fishing barrels


That’s it for all of the Fortnite NPC character locations and the Quests they offer. We will update this guide if these change throughout Season 5, so check back for the latest updates. You can also refer to our Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 guides and features hub for more detailed info on the game.

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