Fortnite Inflate A Bull Quest How To Use

Fortnite is a game with many odd things, and the latest addition is no exception. The cleverly named Inflate-A-Bull was added to Fortnite today in the latest patch. This comes alongside some adjustments Holly Hatchery that add more of the alien biomes, alien egg hatcheries, parasites, and armed guards.

The Inflatable-A-Bull is definitely what most players will notice the most. This new item will impact gameplay in some ridiculous ways, though it’s unclear yet if it will be a useful competitive item. The Inflatable-A-Bull is exactly what it sounds like. Players that pick one up will be able to inflate it and use it to bounce around the map, roll down hills with speed, and more. Unfortunately, it’s currently disabled so we couldn’t test it out to see how the mechanics work exactly. However, it does sound similar to Groot’s exotic ball item from the Marvel season.


The Inflate-A-Bull has a few unique tricks for Season 7, though. You can use it to squash alien parasites for one thing. It presumably may protect you from fall damage if you deploy it in a pinch. Whenever it gets added back into the game, you’ll be able to find it in random chests and, more commonly, in the large IO chests. Alternately, you can purchase it as a rare item from Rick Sanchez at the IO base on the mountain east of Weeping Woods.

Meet your new neighbors

The small biome that was present at Holly Hatchery has also been expanded upon. It now contains alien vegetation and egg cultivation chambers inside all of the homes. These precious offspring are protected by alien guards wielding Kymera Ray Guns, so you can pick one of the alien weapons up from there if you like the high DPS these offer. Holly Hatchery should make for some fun fights now that there are three different zero gravity biomes present, so check it out next time you have a chance to visit.

To keep up with all of the season changes like the Inflate-A-Bull, check back with our Fortnite Season 7 guides and features hub.

Fortnite Inflate A Bull Holly Hatchery Biome Season 7

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