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Spire Quests showed up in the battle royale not long after the Season 6 update. Since then, fans have been able to experience a new narrative. With the 16.20 update, another line of Spire Quests have been added into Fortnite. The first challenge was quite simple to complete, as it just requires you to play a message at a Guardian Outpost. However, subsequent challenges have been more demanding, and the next challenge will require more patience and may need to be completed across multiple matches. This part of the Spire Quests assigns you the task of talking to a total of five Jonesy NPC’s located around the map.

It may be difficult to speak to five in one match. Luckily, you can leave once you have spoken to as many as possible and then just hop into another match. There are many Jonesy variants that you can visit around the Fortnite map. Also, you do not have to visit any of them in a particular order. Just use the map below to learn where to look. Once you reach those general areas, look for the NPC icon on the in-game map to hone in on the Jonesy variant.


Locating Jonesy the First in Fortnite

Once you have spoken to five Jonesy NPC’s and gone through their Spire Quest voice lines, you will have to find Jonesy the First. This NPC can be found in the brick house at the west side of the Pleasant Park point of interest. Once you have located him, you will have to engage him in a duel to finish the challenge. Therefore, you will have to make sure you have gathered the right guns, enough ammunition, and some building materials for protection to easily take down Jonesy the First.

After you have spoken to the five Jonesy NPC variants, you will earn 45,000 XP for your efforts. Additionally, you will earn another 45,000 XP once you have successfully dueled Jonesy the First. Even though it may take a little more time to complete, this Spire Quest is definitely worthwhile. The amount of XP up for grabs will significantly boost your battle pass.

Fortnite Jonesy

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