Fortnite Joy Ride Update Finally Adds Cars To Epic's Battle Royale (1)

The world of Epic Games’ Fortnite is about to change again. As revealed by the official Twitter account of the battle royale, cars will soon be making their debut on August 5 with the Fortnite Joy Ride update. While the addition of motor vehicles is not exactly groundbreaking news, it’s still important to know that players will soon be driving around the world and causing havoc.

There are already cars placed around different parts of the island, but they are just decorative for now. Come August 5 however, the Whiplash will make its appearance in the Fortnite Joy Ride update. They will be dangerous. Epic explicitly stated that the name itself is a warning.Fortnite Joy Ride Update Finally Adds Cars To Epic's Battle Royale (2)Trying to kill someone can already be a challenge in Fortnite. Add in some fast-moving vehicles, and that makes the headache even worse. We already saw how shopping carts were a big deal in the past. A fleet of Whiplashes will be a sight to behold and fear. The Whiplash will likely be the first in a line of vehicles to be added in the Fortnite Joy Ride update. We’ve already seen a preview of pickup trucks, semis, and vans. We should expect them all to make their way to the game soon.

Test drivers wanted

There is still more to figure out, however. Will you be able to ferry a team from place to place? How will car combat work? Will this be an overpowered way to victory, or just a way to stay ahead of the storm? The decision to add cars to Fortnite could have far-reaching consequences. In typical fashion, Epic Games will allow millions of players to test the new feature out for them and they will probably rebalance it afterwards. I suppose that’s just part of the process.

Be that as it may, players should prepare themselves for a big change when the Fortnite Joy Ride update arrives on August 5.

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