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Fortnite’s Limited Time Modes (LTM) playlists tend to switch up the traditional battle royale formula for some fun twists on gameplay. This season features a hunting theme where many prominent hunters from other franchises have appeared in the store or as part of the battle pass. Predator, Terminator, Snake Eyes, and the Mandalorian are just a few examples. The new Star Wars fan favorite headlines the battle pass this season though, so it’s no surprise to see more related content from the franchise. For a limited time, you can jump into the Mando’s Bounty playlist to experience bounty hunting at its best with a twist that hasn’t occurred yet in Fortnite.

The Mandalorian himself will now attempt to hunt you down if you manage to claim the top spot in this LTM. You’ll need to stay ahead of the hunter if you wish to claim victory. However, the reward is certainly worth it if you’re a fan of The Mandalorian TV series. Score a win to earn the Beskar Steel victory umbrella. It’s a nice way to further customize your Mandalorian appearance and further look the part. If you’re curious about the rhino-like beast on the umbrella, it’s a reference to one of Mando’s encounters in the show.


No disintegrations

Actually, disintegrations are probably fine since Epic doesn’t need you to take in any targets alive. However, you will need to watch out for Mando himself, because he can certainly melt you if he catches you off guard. You’ll also need to contend with other hunter AIs and enemy players that will be constantly taking up new contracts. Watch your back.

The way to win is to score as many points from successful bounty completions as possible. Any target will technically do, but you can refer to a special Bounty Puck for the big points. Just pick up one of these items on the map to earn a new priority target. The higher the rarity, the more points you’ll earn.

This LTM sounds like a pretty clever invention by the team at Epic Games. It’s quite exciting for myself as a Star Wars fan, and does suddenly make me realize how awesome this could be in the actual Star Wars universe. Alas, we can only experience this mode in Fortnite for now, but it’s better than nothing. Don’t forget to stop by the new cantina location while you live out your fantasies of bounty hunting in the Mando’s Bounty Fortnite playlist.

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