Fortnite Misty Meadows Safe Locations Guide

Epic Games has introduced a new in-game currency for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 which allows players to purchase and upgrade loot via NPC vendors. Therefore, it’s important for players to know how to gain as much of the new in-game currency as possible. There are many ways to earn golden bars, but safes offer the highest single yields of anything so far. Players that can manage to find a safe will be rewarded with 150 golden bars. In this guide, we’ll cover all 12 of the safe spawn locations in Fortnite that you can find scattered throughout Misty Meadows.

The first thing to know about these safes is that the spawn rates are very low. Seeing as they are never guaranteed, it’s best to just look for them as you go about normal looting. However, the spawn locations are often very convenient, so knowing where to check is worthwhile. Just note that some of the images look oddly placed because we used a drone to capture them in-between walls for easy-to-interpret viewing angles.


If you find these fun to look for, you can find out where the safes spawn at all of the named locations on the Fortnite. Just head over to our Chapter 2 Season 5 guides and features hub and scroll down to the safe locations section. There are also plenty of other useful guides to help you along like walkthroughs on hidden secrets, detailed explanations on new gameplay mechanics like Quests and Bounties, and weekly challenges in Fortnite.

Fortnite Misty Meadows Safe Locations Map Wm

All of the safe spawn locations at Misty Meadows

Misty Meadows is typically a hot drop zone no matter where the bus goes on the map. You will probably need to clear some eliminations before you get a chance to look for safes, so I don’t recommend hunting right off the drop. If you are in the clear though, the west side of Misty Meadows is probably the best place to start when searching safe spawn locations. We will generally work from west to east in this guide.

Starting at the fishing/outdoor rec store is easy. It’s the large building on the northwest end of the location. You can walk in to the bottom level of the building and look behind the counter for the first safe.

Next, move to the building just south of the fishing lodge. You should enter through the bottom floor of the building, because you’re going to check inside a small kitchen in the back corner of the building for the second safe.

The third safe spawn can be found in the conjoined building. Work your way up to the middle floor and look for another kitchen. Alternately, you can go the south side of the building and enter through a back door and then through another door to enter the kitchen. This safe is located on top of the fridge, so you can just break the fridge to make it rain gold bars.

Moving on, you’ll find the fourth safe in the building just southeast of the previous location. You will need to check the second floor of this building where the safe will be in the corner between two couches.

The fifth safe spawn is located in the conjoined building that is adjacent to the bridge and clocktower. You can break through the wall or run to the north end of the building and access the bedroom on the second floor to find the safe.

Cross over to the east side of Misty Meadows for safe spawn number six. You can find it in the shop on the south east corner of the location. Check the back wall of the kitchen on the ground floor.

The seventh safe spawn location is in a building in the center of the location. It’s the building just east of the bridge and the Misty Meadows location title in the map image. Head to the upper floor bedroom on the east side to spy the safe in the corner by a bookshelf and a window.

Move into the adjacent northern building that features a hotel lobby on the ground floor. You’ll easily find the next safe spawn location behind the counter.

Safe number nine is located one more building to the north in the house with the patio on the lower floor. If you enter from the building from the middle (main) level, you’ll see some stairs where a bookcase blocks the crawlspace. The safe location is under the staircase there.

Safe number 10 is just a quick walk east across the street to the free-standing concession structure. You can easily spot the safe behind the counter.

Next, cut across to the bookstore building directly south of the concession spot. You will need to enter this building through the ground floor and check behind the staircase there for the eleventh safe location.

Finally, we conclude our Fortnite safe spawn locations tour at Misty Meadows with number 12. This one is easiest to find by observing the image, but it’s located in the upper floor office of a building on the eastern edge of the location. If you can find the small pavilion in the southeast corner of the location, the office is in the building just north of it.

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