Fortnite Message At Guardian Outpost

Not long after the launch of Fortnite Season 6, Spire Quests were added into the game. These challenges allow you to play through some of the narrative, while gaining a lot of XP along the way. The first set of Spire Quests in Fortnite began with the NPC Tarana who wanted to find out who the thief was. Since discovering that it was Raz, his line of quests have opened up. It now appears that Raz is the main focus of the new Spire Quests.

Following the recent 16.20 update, there’s another set of Spire Quests for you to complete. These will definitely be well worth your time due to the amount of XP on offer. The first Spire Quest asks you to find and play a Spire message at the Guardian Outposts scattered around the map in Fortnite.


How to play the message at a Guardian Outpost

This quest is relatively easy, and once you know where to look, you will have it completed in very little time. All you have to do is pay a visit to one of the six Guardian Outposts that are located around the map. It does not matter which Guardian Outpost you choose to visit either. All of the locations play the same message. Once you have made your way to the very top of an outpost, you will see a transparent object. Interacting with the object will mark the challenge as complete.

Upon completion, you will earn a total of 15,000 XP for your efforts. This should give your battle pass a good boost and allow for quicker progression. Therefore, keep this challenge in mind when you hop into your next match.

Playing the Spire message at a Guardian Outpost is the first challenge of the new Fortnite quest line. This means that there are many more Spire Quests for you to complete. Stay tuned for more Fortnite Spire Quest guides.

Fortnite Message At Guardian Outpost

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