Fortnite Battle Royale glitch – Players killing each other from under the map [Updated]

Fortnite Battle Royale glitch – Players killing each other from under the map [Updated]

This is a really odd but nasty glitch that’s appeared in Fortnite. Players can take out other players from under the map in the Fatal Fields.

The exploit is currently active but Epic is on the case, but until its fixed, they are urging players to report any players utilising the glitch. An update from Epic reads:

We are aware of this exploit and working towards a fix. Until then please report any players you see abusing this. There are two ways of doing this. The first and most effective way is by opening a ticket here and providing any information you have. The alternative way is by clicking the “Feedback” button and then using the “Player” tab to provide their username and what you’re reporting them for. Players caught abusing this exploit will have action taken against their accounts.

It’s a particularly annoying Fortnite glitch this and you can see it in action below. Just don’t do it yourself or you could be in trouble.

Update: The under map glitch has now been fixed according to Epic.

In other news on Sunday, Epic has now disabled friendly fire in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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    • Rabid

      Experienced this myself tonight unfortunately. Entire squad wiped by people under the map.
      No doubt they will all cry and say “why I banned?” when the hammer falls. Hope it was worth it for them.
      Not that current anti-cheats or banning them seems to have any effect these days.

      • Paul Younger

        Yeh this is a really bad bug and it’s shame it’s not being plugged faster.