Fortnite Prop-ifier

Fortnite Season 7 introduced the IO weapons and some wacky alien weapons to the battle royale. From traditional weapons such as the Rail Gun to more fun additions such as the Grab-Itron, this season has definitely widened the weapon pool. However, the debut of new weapons does not stop there. Also, props have become a more prominent aspect of Fortnite in Season 7. Props allow you to disguise yourself at the cost of a few gold bars and can be acquired from a few NPCs and at prop disguise vending machines. Now, a new Fortnite weapon named the Prop-ifier will allow you to turn into a prop on the go.

When using a Prop-ifier, you will see a holographic display of props that you can choose from. Options include a large gnome, a cow, and more. Once you have chosen a prop and have activated it, you will instantly turn into the prop on the spot. You are able to move around as a prop or keep still if you wish. However, if you remain still as a prop, you will glitch when in this settled state. Therefore, you will not be completely hidden from any opponents passing by.


How useful is the Prop-ifier in Fortnite?

The Prop-ifier is an interesting addition to Fortnite. It is a unique way to deceive your enemy and potentially get an easy kill. Only time will tell how popular this weapon will be. With that being said, there are currently more powerful weapons to choose from.

In addition, the developers noted a couple of gameplay changes in Fortnite. Firstly, more Alien Nanites can now be found as ground loot. Also, you may have noticed that prop disguises from vendors were disabled as a result of an issue. At the time of writing, it is still unknown when this feature will be enabled once again.

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