As predicted the meteor hit the island and that means there are now changes to the Fortnite Battle Royale Map.

    Tilted Towers managed to avoid the collision despite everyone thinking it was a goner. Instead, the meteor hit  Dusty Depot which is now a massive crater and it looks like the scientists have rushed in with portable labs to investigate. Also, the area has been renamed to Dusty Divot.

    Fortnite Dusty Divot

    That’s one huge crater


    Fortnite Dusty Divot 2

    Here’s the culprit

    Epic has changed the eastern side of the map and Risky Reels in the top right by the Walling Woods is a drive-in cinema that’s seen better days.

    Fortnite Risky Reels

    No movies to see here.

    Another addition following the collision are the Hop Rocks which are small purple rocks which can be gathered and consumed. When eaten they give you the power to leap into the air.

    The new map layout is as follows:


    The Season 4 Map

    The Season 4 Battle Pass is has also arrived and comes with 100 tiers of new rewards including new cosmetic items, emotes, and now sprays.

    There are also secret superhero lairs that are slowly but surely being discovered. For example, there’s one under the blue house in Salty Springs, Lonely Lodge has a mansion with a command room, and at Snobby Shores there’s a building with its own rocket silo. I won’t spoil them completly so get out there and find them.

    The patch notes for Battle Royale and Save the World are quick lengthy but here are the main Battle Royale changes and take note of the change to headshots. There are performance improvements also in this update. Check the full notes over on Epic’s site.


    • Structures on the starting island can now be destroyed. Not the Battle Bus, though.
    • Headshots are now prioritized when other body parts are in the way.
      • Incoming headshots (from above or straight on) will no longer be blocked by your character’s other body parts.
      • For example, a shot that hits your target’s hand will be able to penetrate through and hit their head if your aim was on point. You’ll be credited headshot damage instead of normal damage.
      • Headshots from below that are blocked by a body part (legs, torso, hands, shoulders, arms) will do normal damage, except for impacts very close to your character’s head.
      • This change affects all weapons, except for the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher.
    • Slightly reduced the hitbox size of player hands.
    • Damage numbers are now visible when spectating a player.
    • Knocking a player off the island will award elimination credit like normal fall damage.
    • Fall distance is now shown in the elimination feed when a player is forced to fall by an opponent.
    • On the starting island, you can now see other players (and player-created structures) about three times further away than before.


    • You can now mark cosmetic items as favorites in the Locker.
    • ‘Random’ option added to each cosmetic equipment slot in the Locker.
      • This will randomly choose between items you’ve marked as favorites each match (or from all owned items if nothing is marked as a favorite).
    • You are no longer limited to just the 6 slots on your emote wheel for Sprays and Emotes and can now use any of the ones you own in a match!
      • The Locker slots act as a page of presets, but you can cycle through to any emotes marked as a favorite and then all emotes, sorted by type (PS4: L1/R1; XB1: LB/RB; PC: Mouse Wheel; Mobile: Buttons added next to radial menu).
    • Added new “Locker Emote Slot” button bindings, which allow you to immediately trigger any of your 6 Emote or Spray presets.
    • While Auto Run is active, an icon is now displayed.
    • Improved the look and feel of the Game options tab.
    • Slightly decreased the size of the arrow over players heads when they are close to you.
    • The fourth and fifth weapon slots will now default to keys 5 and 6 instead of Z and X when using the “Reset to Defaults” option.
    • The 4:3 aspect ratio is now supported.


    • The Crossbow has been vaulted.
    • Rocket Launcher aim reticle is now a fixed size regardless of player movement.
    • Hit markers are now displayed when looking through a scope.
    • Increased pickaxe damage against Supply Llamas, now dealing 50 damage per hit.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where a weapon could have no ammo when dropping it immediately after picking it up.
    • Improved pickaxe swing responsiveness when switching from a weapon to the pickaxe and immediately holding the swing button.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Hunting Rifles from auto reloading if it was fired immediately after a reload.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed grenades to be thrown in rapid succession while sprinting.
    • Fixed an issue where aiming a grenade throw and then switching to build mode wouldn’t cancel the throw.
    • Fixed an issue with the Builder Pro configuration that caused the players weapon to fire while trying to build in some cases.
    • Clingers will now properly cling to falling Supply Drops.
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