Fortnite Season 6 Chicken

The release of Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 6 has introduced an array of  new content into the battle royale. This includes a brand new battle pass which you can progress further by completing challenges, new gameplay mechanics and more. One of the most unique features pertains to the taming animals, which includes boars, wolves, and chickens. Once tamed, they can assist your gameplay in various ways. Taming a chicken is particularly useful, as it gives you a boost when jumping. A new trick allows you to take this mechanic to literal new heights, which gives chickens the potential to be more game changing in Fortnite than initially thought.

Another way that you can take advantage of chickens in Fortnite Season 6 is by combining them with launch pads. The trick allows you to travel a much greater distance than usual, as the combination will send you gliding across much of the map. The launch pads can be found at the tops the six smaller Spires which were added into the game in Season 6. On their own, the purple launch pads at the Spires are somewhat useful for moving around the map. However, the addition of a chicken makes them even more effective and unlocks far more possibilities.


Combining chickens and Spire launch pads in Fortnite Season 6

All you have to do is locate and tame a chicken by chasing after it and quickly grabbing it when prompted. Then proceed to take it to one of the Spires on the map and use the launch pad to go soaring through the air.

The trick of using Spire launch pads and chickens together can prove to be an extremely effective strategy for traveling around in Fortnite. This is especially true if the storm is closing in and you find yourself in a difficult situation. It will be interesting to see if Epic Games will release more tamable animals as the season progresses.

Fortnite Season 6 Chicken Trick

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