Fortnite Season 7 Rick And Morty Battle Pass Trailer Skin

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is officially now underway and has brought some extraterrestrial changes with it. The alien invasion was pretty much a given thanks to the many clues Epic sprinkled into the game last season, but today marks actual validation. There are plenty of gameplay changes we plan to address in a breakdown post later today. For now, feast your eyes on the Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass trailer that shows off customizable alien skins and other unlockable skins and cosmetics. Needless to say, the Rick and Morty x Fortnite crossover is definitely the attention grabber of the new Battle Pass.

Dr. Rick himself is now a playable character in Fortnite, along with Hammer Morty as his trusted accomplice in world domination. Island domination? The Season 7 Battle Pass trailer shows how the aliens appear in Fortnite and affect the island. Rick is right there in the middle of things and is happy to kick some alien ass after the invasion begins.


The Battle Pass is on message

We did our own bit of probing to see what’s in the new Battle Pass for Season 7. It should come as no surprise that alien skins and cosmetics dominate the lineup. There are also some neat inclusions like the Star Trek salute emote and the Man of Steel himself. Yes that’s a big reveal (Superman is also an alien if you think about it), but we can’t fit all this stuff in one headline, alright? Superman is coming soon too the Battle Pass. You’ll likely need to complete a specific Quest to unlock him. It also looks like he’ll come with a Clark Kent variant aside from his signature spandex look.

The alien skins offer the most customization by far. You’ll be able to mix and match faces, armors, and colors. It looks like this may just be limited to the Kymera alien skin, but there will likely be basic alternate appearances for some of the other alien skins. For instance, one of the aliens is disguised as a human and can unzip their primitive appearance as a skin-specific emote.

Fortnite Battle Pass Season 7 Aliens Trailer

Unlock customizations for your alien.

A new way to level

Aside from all of the new content, the Battle Pass itself features a new look this season. Or perhaps we should say an older look. Those that remember Battle Stars may be excited to learn that the currency is coming back. It will allow you to purchase rewards from the 10 different Battle Pass tiers in any order you want. Once a full tier has been purchased, the next will unlock. That’s actually how it’s done in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, so this might sound familiar.

Anyways, there’s a lot more that’s new in Fortnite for Season 7 aside from what’s shown in the new Battle Pass trailer and Rick and Morty. Jump in and try it out, then come back here when you’re inevitably overwhelmed and need a breakdown of all the new content.

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