July 14th, 2018

[Updated] Fortnite servers are currently down

[Updated] Fortnite servers are currently down

My usual evening ritual ends up with me playing a few games of Fortnite here and there. The Fortnite gods had other plans when I booted up the Epic Games launcher. It seems that the servers for Fortnite are currently down.  A quick google search will also tell you that the PlayStation Network is also experiencing a few problems, something that Epic Games also indicated in the report. Does this mean that PlayStation cross-play is finally happening? Probably not.

There doesn’t seem to be a time frame for when the servers will go live again. It does come as somewhat of a shock considering the hefty Season 5 update went live today across all platforms. We will update this story as more information¬†becomes available.

Fortnite Servers

Update: Service has now been restored to the Fortnite servers. Epic wrote via Twitter: “We’re back up and our services are looking healthy! You may encounter a waiting room as you log back in.”