Fortnite Super Levelling Skins

Fortnite Season 6 is just days away from drawing to a close on June 8. You may be scrambling to do some challenges to earn enough XP to complete your battle pass. Or, perhaps you have already completed it and are looking to go beyond level 100. Making your way past this level will allow you to earn bonus rewards once you hit specific milestones. Known as super leveling in Fortnite, you can unlock some special Battle Pass skins depending on how high you can climb the levels.

The Fortnite skins can be unlocked for Tarana, Raz, and the Spire Assassin. These were the key figures at the heart of the Spire Quests. The styles that are available for you to unlock are chromium, runic, and golden.


The chromium style gives the characters a metallic look. To get access to chromium Tarana, you only have to reach level 110. To unlock Raz, get your battle pass up to level 130. To get your hands on the chrome Spire Assassin, reach level 150. If you are able to go beyond this, you will begin to unlock Runic styles which let out a purple glow. Runic Tarana becomes available at level 160, runic Raz at level 180, and the Spire Assassin skin at level 200.

Fortnite Super Levelling Skins.

Earn every Fortnite super leveling skin

More significantly, Fortnite super leveling will allow you to unlock golden variants of these skins. The majority of the skins are gold, but the purple runic lights remain. Golden Tarana will make its way into your locker when you reach level 205. Similarly, you can play as golden Raz at level 215 and golden Spire Assassin at level 225.

These skins are definitely worth unlocking for exclusive looks and you will be able to show them off in your future matches. They will take a lot of work to fully unlock though. If you’re looking for every way to possible to earn XP, check out our guides and features hub for Fortnite Season 6 Primal.

As for Season 7, players are guessing what the theme of the next battle pass could possibly be. With UFOs arriving in Fortnite, aliens could potentially feature in the next season.


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