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Fortnite The Wanderer: Disappearing NPC, explained

So dark, brooding, and edgy.

The thing about Fortnite is that it’s always adding to its lore. In this case for Chapter 5, you’ll get to see a rare sighting of The Wanderer. To learn about The Wanderer in Fortnite, and why the NPC is disappearing, follow along. 

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Where to find the disappearing NPC The Wanderer in Fortnite

Unlike other NPCs in Chapter 5 that have a fixed location, The Wanderer seems to be roaming around the map. Many players are lucky enough to see the strange hooded NPC wandering random locations.

When you head for The Wanderer or look at the NPC, it disappears into thin air. I have not found the NPC yet, but you may have better luck. A good tip to increase the chance of running into this ultra-rare character is by surviving a whole round of Fortnite. The longer you stay in a match, the more ground you can cover. Who knows, The Wanderer might even appear during the last few circles. 

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However, it’s also been reported that The Wanderer usually shows up either in Zero Builds or the vanilla version of Fortnite. Since this NPC plays into the story of the battle royal, the new Reloaded mode won’t have this NPC because it’s separate, and doesn’t contain any lore. 

Does the invisible disappearing NPC give you anything in Fortnite?

Since I have not interacted with The Wanderer, I can’t attest to what it would reward you with if you manage to meet them. On the other hand, other players who’ve spotted the rare sighting of The Wanderer have stated that it does not give out anything — yet. It might not be as cool as getting the Lighting Guitar Mythic, but the experience could be a unique one. 

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Who is the Wanderer?

We don’t know much about this NPC other than them being introduced in Chapter 2 when Megalo Don invaded the map. When that happened, Megalo Don demanded that no one mess with The Wanderer as they are both allies. In other words, to stay away from both of them. This might mean that The Wanderer is a bad guy.

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