Fortnite update makes changes to the loot pool with the Goo Gun, Throwable Launch Pads, and more

Fortnite Update Loot Pool Changes Goo Gun, Throwable Lauch Pads, Shield Bubble

The debut of Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 4 introduced fans to Paradise. So far, players have experienced map changes and have been using new abilities, all thanks to Chrome. Epic Games has continued to keep the season fresh by deploying updates on a regular basis. The latest Fortnite update has made changes to the loot pool — the Goo Gun, Throwable Launch Pad, and Shield Bubble have joined the island.

First up is the Goo Gun, which is one of the most unique weapons on the island. The goo is explosive, meaning that it will cause destruction to the buildings and players covered in it. The Goo Gun is loaded with 200 rounds which can’t be refilled, so you’ll have to replace it with another Goo Gun if you want to use it again. Luckily, the weapon’s drop rate has been increased until the next update, meaning there’s a high chance you’ll find one in chests, supply drops, and on the ground.


Launch Pads with a useful twist

Next, the launch pad has received a revamp and made its debut as the Throwable Launch Pad. You can throw down the pad on the ground and it will already be supported by structures, without having to build your own. Once again, this item can be found in chests, supply drops, and as ground loot.

Last but not least, the Shield Bubble has returned from the vault. If you need a reminder, the Shield Bubble will protect you from enemy fire while you’re inside. However, enemies can always walk in to breach your protection and take you on in close-quarter combat.

The Goo Gun doesn’t feature in Fortnite competitive playlists, but the Throwable Launch Pad and Shield Bubbles are included. That’s everything you need to know about the latest Fortnite update and the shake up to the loot pool.

Fortnite Update Loot Pool Changes Goo Gun

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