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Regular updates to Fortnite Chapter 3: Season 1 have kept the season feeling fresh. With the introduction of Klombos monsters and the addition of pizza, there’s something for every player to enjoy. Now, another Fortnite update has been deployed, and it introduces a mythic weapon and Haven’s masks.

The change you will notice when you first load into Fortnite is the addition of a new point of interest. Covert Cavern is stacked with loot and materials, but IO guards roam the area. This guarded area is where you’ll find the new Mythic version of the Stinger submachine gun, which will prove deadly in close to medium range gunfights. Also, the Heavy shotgun is the latest weapon to return from the vault, but with a twist. It is now loaded with a single slug and a longer range, but it requires you to be more accurate. Despite the adjustments to the weapon, the shotgun is still a powerful and reliable option to have in your inventory.


Haven’s masks are the latest Fortnite accessory

Since the beginning of the season, Haven’s masks have been in the game, but they weren’t available to unlock. With this update, you can now begin gathering feathers from Chests and unlocking the various styles available in the battle pass tab. Each mask has a challenge attached to it, which you’ll need to complete to make the mask available to redeem. Keep in mind that you will have to own the Haven outfit before you can start the quests.

Finally, the way you earn XP in creative modes has been improved. Epic Games noted that creative islands usually undergo calibration before you can earn XP from your in-game Accolades. This can sometimes take a few days to get up and running. However, now, if you trigger an Accolade before calibration is complete, you will be rewarded with the battle pass XP as soon as it’s available.

There is no doubt that the mythic weapon and Haven’s masks that joined the island as a part of the Fortnite update will be popular among fans.

Fortnite update mythic weapon

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