Latest Fortnite update introduces new Prime shotgun and fixes more bugs

Fortnite Update Prime Shotgun Bug Fixes

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 launched, and we are Vibin’. Season 3 kicked off with points of interest, a new biome, more ways to travel, and more. Epic Games has continued to keep the season fresh by regularly dropping new content for players to enjoy. This includes new weapons and further crossovers, such as the Indiana Jones skin that was added earlier in the month. The latest Fortnite update has introduced the new Prime shotgun and made some bug fixes.

The Prime shotgun is definitely a strong weapon to have in your inventory. With it, you will deal the most damage with the first shot. Taking advantage of the extra fire power and hitting the head means you can take out an enemy with no shields in just the first shot. After the first shot, the three remaining bullets will deal a consistent amount of damage. However, the primary detriment of the Prime shotgun is that the fire rate is on the slower side. You may want to have another close range weapon, such as a submachine gun, on hand. If you want to try out the Prime shotgun, it isn’t too hard to track down. You can find it in chests, supply drops, in reality saplings, by trying your luck fishing, and even as ground loot.


Squashing bugs around the Fortnite island

Apart from the debut of the Prime shotgun, the Fortnite update has made some major bug fixes. The issue was fixed where Rift-To-Gos wouldn’t spawn a rift even if the item was consumed. In addition, other problems have been addressed, including weapon crosshairs scaling with HUD size and a bug in Team Rumble stopping players from using tents.

With summer celebrations set to begin in Fortnite in just a few days, there is still a lot to look forward to in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Fortnite Prime Shotgun

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