Fortnite v1.8 patch notes reveal Battle Royale changes

Fortnite v1.8 patch notes reveal Battle Royale changes

The Fortnite v1.8 update patch notes, which includes the Halloween Fortnightmares event, have been released giving further information on Battle Royale changes and updates.

Battle Royale specific notes include the addition of the Slurp Juice regen potion which grants one health and one shield per second for 25 seconds. There’s now also character customisation via a new Locker menu, ammo/building resources/and traps now auto-pickup, and there are new graphics for players caught outside the Storm safe zone.

Haloween skins also go live in this patch and for Battle Royale players there’s the Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper. A pick-axe weapon Reaper skin is also available.

For the main co-op game there’s plenty of updates too including Leaderboards where players can rank up against others in solo, duo and squads. Two types of leaderboards are available, the Division leaderboard which is where 50 active players are competing against each other, and the Friends leaderboard where players can see “friends only”. This is turned on via the leaderboard screen.

Season levels have also been added and players can level-up their character to 100 with rewards on offer in the form of a seasonal banner and seasonal glider. Undertaking daily challenges will also help boost seasonal levels.

The Fortnightmares Halloween event will kick off tomorrow introducing the new Hexsylvania area which includes new missions, Haloween creatures, and spooky themed rewards.

The patch notes are quite lengthy and they can be checked out over on Epic’s Fortnite site if you want the nitty-gritty.

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