Fortnite Zero Point dashing challenge bug

One of the most frustrating Season 5, Week 12 challenges requires you to deal damage to an enemy within 10 seconds of using the Zero Point dashing ability. The dash crystals are only available in one area of the map. It also may be difficult to hit an enemy with a weapon while using a Zero Point crystal if not many enemies land at the Zero Point. However, a player has found a bug which makes the challenge significantly easier to complete.

A clip posted on Reddit demonstrates how to do the Fortnite Zero Point dashing challenge via an alternative way. To begin, you need to make your way to the Zero Point at the center of the map. Then, wait for the storm to come over you and remain in there. Once you have done that, use a dash crystal and keep pressing the jump button. After 10 seconds, the challenge will be marked as complete. Seeing how you are using the dashing crystals, you may even be able to escape the storm afterwards to continue your match.


Grab some easy Fortnite XP via the Zero Point dashing challenge bug

It is not known what is causing this bug to happen. The bug is definitely a quicker and easier way to complete the Zero Point dashing challenge. Currently, it is unknown if Epic Games will roll out a fix for this bug. It is quite a major exploit, so it would not be surprising if it was patched. Despite this, you may want to take advantage of the bug and earn yourself an extremely easy 22,000 XP.

Meanwhile, another more difficult Fortnite challenge requires you to find a family portrait at a shipwreck. This can be done at Crashed Cargo or Shipwreck Cove. There are various of them scattered around the landmarks, but you only need to find one. You can also head over to our Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 guide hub for tips on earning gold bars, finding NPCs, and completing more challenges.

Tip for the Week 12 legendary challenge: Use a zero point crystal whilst in the storm from FortNiteBR

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