Fortnite’s next Battle Royale mode is 20 vs 20 – Updated

Fortnite’s next Battle Royale mode is 20 vs 20  – Updated

As Epic enjoys the success of Fortnite’s growth, they are keen to keep gamers enthused and the latest limited time game mode has been revealed.

The new 20 vs 20 mode will be coming soon to the game based on a notice in-game. This could end up being rather mental as teams get pushed together as the match progresses and should be as frantic as 50 vs 50, if not more so. According to Epic, you will be able to see teammate destination markers on the map and non-squad teammates will be green.

We’re not sure when this will go live but the fact it’s appeared on the in-game updates list means it could be reasonably soon.

Update: Here’s the trailer and the update will go live on 8 March.

Source: Reddit.


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