Forza 4’s creative director says that “it’s not always the hardware that delivers the experience.”
Dan Greenwalt, creative director on Forza Motorsport 4, has spoken about the fact that good games are not dependent on sheer power and RAM.
When asked about whether more powerful hardware would enable the team at Turn 10 Studios to create a better Forza game, Greenwalt replied:
“There are a lot of PCs that are really powerful now and yet a lot of the games don’t look much better because it’s an unstable platform. You have to make it for the lowest common denominator. So, would more power and more RAM help? Always. But it wouldn’t help immediately.”
Clearly, Greenwalt is referencing the fact that most PC owners do not have a set-up capable of exploiting what game developers are capable of producing.
He continued by arguing that innovation is not down to the hardware, citing that Forza 4 is full of “new innovation” despite being the third iteration of the series on Xbox 360:
“…there’s still plenty of things we can do on this hardware because it’s not always the hardware that delivers the experience. Auto Vista, the new IBL, new physics engine, new AI… there’s a lot of new innovation we have in this game. And this is our third version on this box. So innovation is a lot more than hardware.”
Did you know? The Forza Motorsport 4 demo is due to hit Xbox Live Marketplace on 3 October.
Source: EG

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