Microsoft Launches Free-To-Play Forza Street On Windows 10 Store

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Microsoft has released a brand new Forza game today in the form of Forza Street. A rebranding of the free-to-play Miami Street, Forza Street is essentially the same exact game with some different car models and a rewritten story mode. The focus of the game is on minute-long drag races that play similarly to a rhythm game. You’ll need to learn when to gas, when to brake, and when to apply boost to cross the finish line first.

It wouldn’t be Forza without cars and Forza Street has got plenty. As you progress through the three episode campaign (of which each episode has six chapters), you’ll unlock all kinds of currencies that can be used on acquiring new rides, upgrading your current ones, and obtaining specific items to unlock higher tiered cars. There are loot boxes, microtransactions, the whole gamut. You can even earn yourself some fairly easy Xbox Live achievements, if that’s your thing.

Forza Street is currently available on PC for Windows 10 and will be coming to mobile devices in the near future. Having spent about an hour checking it out, I can’t say it’s bad. It’s not good, but I’ve played worse games in my time. At least these requires something of a strategic brain to figure out when to boost.


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