fractured space

    Not sure you’ll be able to keep that ship hidden for long.

    Edge Case Games, formed by some of the developers of Strike Suit Zero, have returned to the galactic heavens with Fractured Space. This one is a multiplayer, 5v5 team based affair in which players each control large, capital-class ships.

    According to the game’s official site, this should involve a fair bit of craft and load-out customisation. “No team will go into battle with the same set-up,” apparently. Which is good, because you know how embarrassing it is when your fleet turns up for a bit of a space scrap and everybody is dressed the same.

    Fractured Space should, as you read this, now be available through Steam’s Early Access. If it isn’t there’s obviously been some sort of delay, but the intent is for people to be able to buy a ‘Forerunner Pack’ (single key at $10.00 USD) or ‘Forerunner Fleet Pack’ (which gets you four keys at $20.00 USD.) Slightly odd that there isn’t an offer for five keys, given that the matches are advertised as 5v5 but perhaps Steam doesn’t allow that option.

    Anyway, the intent is for Edge Case to build a game which “takes space combat in a completely new and exciting direction.” The team has already been gathering impressions and critiques by running private playtesting sessions with their player-base, but are now expanding that open development process by launching on Early Access.

    There’s a new trailer too, below.

    Peter Parrish

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