How to get a free Aether Tool in Black Ops Cold War’s Mauer Der Toten

Mauer Der Toten Aether Tool

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season Four Reloaded update introduced Mauer Der Toten. A new map means there is a new main Easter egg to complete and some smaller ones along the way. If you have played Outbreak, you may have completed the crystal side challenge that allows you to get a free Aether Tool. In Mauer Der Toten, you are able to get a free Aether Tool by completing a short side Easter egg.

An Aether Tool upgrades the tier rarity of your weapon for free. Therefore, it is useful if you do not have enough salvage to keep upgrading your gun. Also, it is important to note that it will be easier to do this Easter egg if you have a 2x magnification scope or greater equipped to your gun.


How to get a free Aether Tool in Mauer Der Toten

To begin the Easter egg, you have to make sure you turn on the power. Once you have done all the required steps to turn the power on, you can make your way back to spawn. On the apartment rooftop, you will see a document on the ground. As soon as you interact with the document, a short target practice game will begin. There are a total of five targets that you have to shoot that will move across the buildings in front of where you picked up the document.

The first target moves from left to right between the yellow sign on the left side-building. The next target moves between the orange windows underneath the yellow sign. You then have to shoot another target that moves between the red sign. Following this, the fourth target appears in the top lit up window of the building with the pink sign. The fifth and final target you must shoot moves across the pink sign itself.

Hitting all of the targets correctly and within the short time limit will drop an Aether Tool upgrade that is ready to pick up.

Mauer Der Toten Free Aether Tool

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