Capcom will be releasing some freebie DLC for Resident Evil 6 that adds a new difficultly level to the game, and gives Ada Wong a co-op partner in crime for her (previously) solo campaign. At the same time, Capcom is hoping to defuse some controversy about on-disc DLC; a practice the publisher has become somewhat infamous for.

“No Hope” difficultly will, predictably, be quite a tough one. Ms Wong’s co-op partner isn’t really detailed, but apparently this addition will make her campaign playable without having to complete all three of the other campaigns (as was the case on release).

Capcom states that “some data of this update is on the disc, but said data is incomplete and requires the actual download to access”, but insists that “future paid DLC – like the multiplayer modes we revealed a while ago – is not on the disc.”

For our view on Resident Evil 6, shuffle carefully in the dark towards this link. The free DLC is due “soon”.

Source: Capcom Unity

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