We’re going to see some DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum next week, if the Batman news ticker is to be believed.The ticker, which displays at the bottom of the screen when you sign into the internet while playing Batman, is currently showing a message indicating that there is “New free downloadable content coming.”On the PS3 version at least it’s set for 9 days, which would be next Thursday – the regular PlayStation Network update day. The message is also appearing on the 360 version, but reports are conflicting as to the date given. Either way, it’s next week. Cheers to Kotaku for spotting this.What would you like to see, readers, and what do you think is likely? More challenge rooms? Some new costumes? David Hasselhoff riding Godzilla through Gotham? There’s a comments section below for just this sort of thing, you know.If you haven’t got Batman: Arkham Asylum yet, you should really consider it, because it’s bloody fabulous. If you’re waiting on the PC version, then check out some of the new screenshots and the shiny trailer showing off the new PhysX effects.

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