Free DLC Coming To Killing Floor

Tripwire has announced that Killing Floor will be getting a free DLC pack entitled Heavy Metal.The DLC will add plenty to the co-op zombie shooter, including a new map, two new weapons, and new functionality.The map in question is called Foundry, and is set in an old iron works which, in typical Killing Floor fashion, has been used for top-secret experiments. To aid you in clearing it out, you’ll be able to purchase an AK-47 with a folding stock for close-quarter use, and works as a more powerful weapon for the Commando Perk.The second weapon added is the katana – yes, the Japanese sword. No real details on this but we expect it’s going to do a lot of damage and will be of particular use to those with the Berserker Perk.This is the first of several free DLC packs, we’re told, while a premium DLC pack (read: one you pay for) will also be coming soon, adding in four new playable characters.There’s no word on when Heavy Metal will be released, but we’ll keep you updated.

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