For all you fans of shipping out there (and I’m not talking about awkward romantic fan-fiction pairings here), Turbo Tape Games has released a freebie mission editor for its strategic near-future naval title Naval War: Arctic Circle. It should let you create new scenarios and new encounters to test the limits of your fleet.

The editor gives you access to all of the units in the game and lets you plot new challenges for them to engage in amidst the chilly arctic seas. Best of all, you can share and receive the missions you create with others through the Steam Workshop system (the same set-up used by Skyrim to distribute mods). The game will update itself on Steam to add the editor.

A lack of variety in missions was one of the issues I highlighted about the game when I reviewed it (page formatting may be a bit messed up as this is from our old site) earlier in the year, so it’s great to see this being addressed.

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