Ni No Kuni Ii Dlc

Free downloadable content is coming to Ni no Kuni II: Revenent Kingdom next month. The Adventure Pack #1 DLC releases on August 9, marking the game’s first major add-on since its launch in March.

The free Ni no Kuni II DLC adds two new floors to the game’s Faraway Forest Cave location, as well as two bosses — Blackheart and Zeta. According to publisher Bandai Namco, the upcoming DLC focuses on experienced players. In addition to the new floors and bosses, the Adventure Pack also includes post-game quests. Though there are no concrete details about the new missions, Bandai Namco notes that players must complete Ni no Kuni II‘s story to unlock them. The first adventure pack also adds new character costumes for Evan and company, as well as “additional rewards.”

Bandai Namco also shared more information about Ni no Kuni II‘s season pass content. Starting this winter, season pass owners will get two exclusive pieces of downloadable content.

The first piece of season pass DLC allows Evan and friends to explore an all-new dungeon.

Ni no Kuni II‘s second season pass-exclusive piece of DLC releases in early 2019. Bandai Namco is keeping this one tight-lipped, but mention that it’s an “additional story expansion.” What it adds to Ni no Kuni II‘s story remains to be seen, but expect additional details soon.

The Ni no Kuni II: Revenent Kingdom season pass is available for $19.99. Thrifty gamers who skip the pass can still snag Ni no Kuni II DLC for free when the Adventure Pack drops on August 9.


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