The Secret World

At the end of February, Funcom revealed that they were planning to redesign The Secret World player experience. Today they have given the redesigned game the new name of The Secret World Legends. It’s also going free to play.

In a letter from Executive Producer Scott Junior, he reiterates that the changes are sweeping, so much so that they are going to have two servers, one for players of the original game and one for Legends. Players joining the new versi0n of the game will start from scratch. He explains:

“This will not erase your progression in The Secret World though! Secret World Legends will exist on a different server than The Secret World, meaning you will still be able to play your old character on The Secret World server. But we hope you consider starting anew in Secret World Legends to experience all the new content and updates coming to the game. We’ve made some major improvements to the game and server, so Secret World Legends will have its own client. You can have both Secret World Legends and The Secret World installed on the same computer and play either game at any time.

“If you’re intrigued by Secret World Legends but don’t want to leave behind the things you’ve worked hard to attain in The Secret World, worry not: a free transfer process will allow you to move vanity items like Mounts, Pets, Vehicles, and other customizations that have been purchased through the item store from The Secret World to your characters in Secret World Legends. We’ll have more information on this process and which items will be transferable as we get closer to launch.”

The update brings big changes such as a redesigned combat system, enhanced visuals, improved quest flow and more.

Due to the many changes coming to the game, Funcom has launched a closed beta test starting from today and interested parties can sign-up on the new website. If you have never played this MMO we think you should give it a shot, it’s pretty good.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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