July 1st, 2017

Get a Free Steam Game in Tim’s Bulging Sack Holiday Giveaway

Get a Free Steam Game in Tim’s Bulging Sack Holiday Giveaway

It’s the time of year when Santa pops up with his sack of presents to spread joy around the world. Here in the PC Invasion fallout bunker, there is no chimney so Santa can’t make an appearance. Tim has decided he still wants to spray the world with holiday joy, though, with his bulging sack free Steam games giveaway.

Tim has dug deep into his bulging sack to bring you this giveaway. Tim has a huge Steam game collection and he’s also got many, many extra games he will never use – over 100, in fact. He wants to spread his love to¬†all our readers but note some games have been snapped up already by the PC Invasion Supporters who had a headstart at picking what they wanted.

This giveaway works on a first-come basis and it’s completely¬†random. The big surprise is what game you have won. You won’t know until you enter your code into Steam. There are some great games in there so it’s worth entering.

To enter just carry out an action below and claim your mystery code. If you already own the game then pass it on to your friends courtesy of PC Invasion.

Congrats to everyone who got a free game. They are all gone!

Watch out for more giveaways soon and you can always check into our Discord channel for advance warnings.

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