Free To Play Games Top MMOs In Online Revenue

According to a recent survey, gamers spend more on free to play games than on any other type of game.Apparently, over half of the people asked in the survey had spent money on free to play games in the last 12 months, with the average cost coming out at around $75 USD. Only 34% said they had spent money on an MMO in the same period, and the average spend was around $60 USD.A whopping 73% of people who took part in the survey said they had bought in-game currency, compared to much smaller figures for items such as armour or weapons. The highest average spend on items also went to currency, at around $50 USD.We’ve seen a surge in the number of free to play games in the last couple of years, and some titles such as Runes of Magic have proven that the business model works well. The MMO, Dungeons and Dragons Online, recently changed to free to play after suffering from low subscription numbers, and is already seeing a booming trade with micro transactions through its online shop, which sells in-game items like potions.

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