Free-to-play model launches on Steam

Five free-to-play games launching on Steam today.
MMOs Champion’s Online Free For All, Spiral Knights and Forsaken Worlds join shootersGlobal Agenda: Free Agent and A.V.A as the first free-to-play games to appear on Valve digital download service.
Of course, Steam has been offering free games for a while in the form of promtional weekends etc. However, these new releases represent the first time the platform will distribute games funded solely by microtransactions.
If the comment from Jason Holtman, Valve’s Director of Business Development is anything to go by, these five titles represent merely the beginning for such games on Steam.
“The introduction of free-to-play games is another example of the constant evolution of Steam,” said Jason Holtman, Valve’s director of business development. “Free to Play games offer new game genres and game experiences for customers, while offering developers and publishers new revenue opportunities and the ability to reach customers in areas of the world where the traditional packaged goods model is less popular than F2P.”