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He’s really pleased about all those viewers.

Surprising news! A free to watch documentary about three professional players of the immensely popular DOTA 2 has proven to be quite popular since its release last week. Free to Play has “eclipsed box office records,” according to Valve.

That’s not exactly a fair comparison, of course. Most documentaries don’t get released for free on platforms that have a user-base of about 65 million people. But it’s still impressive that Free to Play’s ‘opening weekend’ pulled in over 5.5 million viewers. I wonder if it included me in those statistics? I watched about five minutes and then stopped, thinking my wife would like to see it too (and then we just played Dark Souls 2 instead.)

Anyway, you can still watch Free to Play for, uh, free; so if you want to add to those viewing statistics, head over to the official site for the documentary and choose your favourite viewing option.

The film follows three DOTA 2 players of differing backgrounds as they prepare for, and compete in, The International tournament for a possible $1 million USD prize. Resident IncGamers DOTA 2 enthusiast Tim McDonald reviewed the documentary over here, but even his parents enjoyed it. So don’t be put off if you’re not into DOTA 2.

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