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The Flybywire team has made quite a name for itself with the stellar work it’s managed to achieve with making the default Airbus A320neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator far more realistic with an array of robust improvements. The developer has been chipping away at enhancing the foundation that Asobo has already laid. Now, the team has also been steadily making progress on an original piece of its own: bringing the monolithic Airbus A380 over to the simulator. Recently, the team provided an impressive dev update via a YouTube video which provides the most detailed look at the A380X project ahead of its Microsoft Flight Simulator debut.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Airbus A380X update

The Airbus A380 is the largest commercial passenger jet ever created, and one of the world’s largest aircraft, period. Likewise, Flybywire’s ‘A380X’ project is easily one of the most colossal freeware projects ever undertaken in the world of flight simulation. It’s not the first time that the aircraft has been tackled by freeware developers, but it’s never been done to this scope and magnitude.

The effort that the FBW team is putting in seems to run at the same caliber expected by a payware studio, such as PMDG. Thus, the fact that this project is being handled by volunteers should impress fans.

The packed 10-minute update trailer shows off work done by “Mike,” who introduces himself as the lead texture artist for the Microsoft Flight Simulator A380X project.

Mike provides a behind-the-scenes look on how the texture work and modeling is handled. The showcase even demonstrates how imperfections like dirt and scuff is layered onto the textures to give it a more gritty, realistic appearance. FBW is going the extra mile by providing a “clean” cockpit option so simmers can simulate flying an aircraft that’s fresh off of the assembly line. The amount of detail is stunning, and this is just the cockpit.

Putting in the work

Mike is only one creator on the project. There are other members handling other aspects of the jet, such as its physics, flight dynamics, systems, avionics, and sound. The video showcases the attention to detail the team is boasting. There are little things such as the aircraft’s signature wing flex and even the engine wobble of its massive quad-jet array.

At of the time of publication, this trailer has already garnered over 100,000 views, which shows the high amount of interest for the A380X’s development. FBW still has not committed to a fixed release window.

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