Fresh DiRT 3 DLC available now

Power and Glory car pack out now.

The five car pack contains the following cars:

BMW M3 Rally – Rally 80s
Lancia Delta S4 – Rally Group B
Ford Focus ST RallyX – Rallycross
Scion tC – Gymkhana
Chevrolet Camaro SSX Concept – Trailblazer Modern

If you’re planning on packing up the extra on the Xbox 360 you can do so now for 480 MS points. PlayStation 3 and Windows PC (via Games for Windows Live) players will have to wait until tomorrow however, when the pack will be available for £4.99/€5.99.
Alternatively, each car is available seperately for 160 MS points.
We rather like DiRT 3, scoring it an incredibly healthy 9/10 and making us ponder if Codemasters even know how to make a bad racing game.