If you weren’t scared by Amnesia: The Dark Descent, then you’re of stronger mental fortitude than me (and most other games players). For a while I was even a bit nervous about clicking on a website purporting to tease developer Frictional’s next game, in case it started making weird noises at me.
Eventually I gave it a look and … well, it’s not that spooky (yet). It just shows the logo of Amnesia and links to a google map of China. Is China scary? Well, maybe if you’re a business trying, unsuccessfully, to compete with them economically.
A smartypants at the NeoGaf forums has also noticed that the site points to nameservers at thedarkswarm.com, which certainly looks like it could be a site associated with bizarre viral marketing/ARG techniques.
See what you make of it for yourself, at the source link below.
Source: nextfrictionalgame.com
Image taken from Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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